Internet of Everything

What if the data between physical objects is transmitting without any boundary? 

A speculative design of the future.


Nov 2019

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5G | Internet of Everything (IOE) 

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| Speculative Future


Serene Deng

Hannah Liao


Hannah Liao

​Shang-Te Chen

Po-Shun Yu

Background Introduction

What is IoE?

The Internet of Everything n (IoE) is a concept that extends the Internet of Things (IoT) emphasis on machine-to-machine (M2M) communications to describe a more complex system that also encompasses people and processes.

IoE is a two-way interactive communication

1.Receive data   2.Do things based on data   3.Widely connect    4.Decentralization

Problem Statement

Internet of Everything under 5G

The development of technology stimulating new possibilities in design fields, allows designers to explore more potentials. However, too much technology does not mean the technology and the design can eventually turn to be the silver bullet of all the problems that humanity is facing.  It may cause more unpredictable problems. 

Today, many applications such as dating websites are relying on algorithmic and data-driven features. 

What if the IoE system is fully developed in the future when all the trivial data between physical objects is transmitting without any boundary? 


Screen Shot 2021-02-20 at 11.01.19

Our argument is there will be a problem when the IoE system transferring all the data and people’s social behavior such as traditional family relationships, romantic relationships, and friendships, will completely change due to this circumstance. 

Physical Interaction Design

Central data collector

The central data collector would collect massive data from all the objects and items inside its own IoE networks. It can help users analyze data and communicate with different screen-on devices like mobile phones, computers to visualize data to users directly.  Also, users can authorize their central collector to connect with others' devices, like family or community members, so they can share their data partially without limitations.

Users can interact with the data collectors, like sound control and body interactions to stop/start data transform or

light indicator.


Digital Interface Design

Frame 9.png
Frame 9.png
Frame 9.png
Personal objects' data
View others' objects
Message notification
recieve nearby.png