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Design methods in multimedia performance

It's just one world, this spine of rock and streams

And snow, and the wash of gravels, silts
Sands, bunchgrasses, saltbrush, bee-fields,
Twenty million human people, downstream, here below.

At Tower Peak --  Gary Snyder

Keywords: Design thinking / Stage performance / 

Culture backgrounds/ Nature & City / Conflict / Link

Sense: Sound - Piano / Read / City noise / Nature

              Scene - Stage / Nature / City

              Movement - Dance /  Cooperating gestures

Objects: Dance / poem / The book (Link)

Interview of audiences

Amen Xu - Faculty of Columbia University  -- Education

“ I don't know exactly the story is, however, I could really feel the idea that you want to deliver to us. I felt your argument, struggle, and then you guys came back to each other and made a harmony.  I could feel the link between you guys. “

Yiwan Huang - Student of Shanghai University -- Graphic design

“ I cannot really know your specific story, but I can feel something here. I think you have an argument about something. Also, I know that you were exploring the city. It's an interesting performance.“

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