How to watch movies of mutual interest online with family and friends.

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July 2020

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New opportunity of watching movie online due to the COVID-19

Watching movies is not just entertainment but also an effective way to maintain relationships with families and friends. Due to the pandemic, the online movie watching platform has taken the place of cinema, and there is no new movie being published online. Without the new movies from the cinema, It's usually a struggle when we want to choose an old movie to watch together with our love, families, and friends at home. We need to figure out which movie is interested in by everyone, and which movie hasn't been watched by everyone. It's tough for many people to find exciting old movies continuously that they can invite their love, families, and friends to watch together.

To solve this problem, we want to build an online movie platform to let users explore their common movie interests and enjoy watching movies together with their love, friends, and families. 

Untitled_Artwork 8.png
Untitled_Artwork 7.png

Target User Persona

Ashley & Dave


Job Title: Graphic Designer | Data Scientist

Age: 27 | 33
Relationship: Couple


Ashley: Animation, Romantic, Horror, Drama, Sci-fi

Dave: Sci-fi, Action, adventure, by Christopher Nolan

  • They always have different opinions on watching movies.

  • Due to the COVID-19, they cannot visit the cinema to watch new movies. So they can just watch movies online at home.

  • It's hard for them to find movies they are both interested in.

  • They also want to watch movie with their families and friends, but it's hard to find a movie being loved by everyone.

  • Need a method to find their common interests of movies fast and easy.

  • Want to invite their families and friends to watch movies together.

  • Want to find a movie which is interested in everyone who wants to watch movies together.

User Stories


 Dave wants to invite his girlfriend to watch a movie tonight at home. However, he finds his girlfriend has different movie tastes from him. He wants there is a movie platform that could help them choose a movie they are all interested in.


Ashley and her boyfriend have watched several movies together. She finds the experience is precious memory for them, so she wants to record their movie journey in a meaningful way. 


Ashley liked to go to the cinema with her friends before. However, due to the COVID-19, the cinemas are all shutting down. Ashley wants to choose an online film platform to invite her friends to watch the movie together. However, there is no proper platform to let them feel they are still watching together, just like in the cinema.


Untitled_Artwork 7_1.png

We want to build an online watching movie platform to let our users could share their interests, watch movies, and record their precious watching experience all in one place with their friends and families. 

The platform will recommend users with the movies which they all interested in based on their preferences.

Although it's hard to get together during the quarantine, users could still use the platform to watch movies together. No matter that users are isolated by themselves or take a companion with their friends and families, they all could use the platform to enjoy watching good movies together. 

User Flow



Build a movie room
Build a movie room

input information

press to zoom
Input preference
Input preference

press to zoom
Movie time map
Movie time map

Time view of movie history

press to zoom
Build a movie room
Build a movie room

input information

press to zoom

Design system

design system@2x.png

Main Experience 


In the first step, users could create or join a movie-watching group. The MovieBus platform would collect every users' preferences and generate a movie-selecting pool on the main page based on the input.


When users reach the home page, they could select the time for the upcoming movie event. In the movie pool below, the movies are based on group members' preferences. Every group member could propose their preferred movies, and then they need to vote one movie in the proposed movies. The most voted one will be played in the upcoming event.


When there are 10 mins until the next movie, group members could start to check in on the MovieBus. The system will start to count down before the movie starts. During watching the movie, users could share their opinions and attitude. After the movie, there is a map system which records users' movie journey in this group.


Group members could view their watching-movie history in the Movie Bus Journey page. On this page, users could view their watched movies based on where the background stories happened or the time that the movie has been published.

Thank you!