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process book--final111111.png

Duration: 4 weeks

Type: Group work

Job: Research, illustration, interaction design

Keywords: Speculative design, User research, Design research

                     Future scenario, Artificial Intelligence

The whole story movie

Dr. Creativity

Illustration:  Serene Xiaopu Deng

Dubbing: Serene Xiaopu Deng

​Editing: Kaiwen Liu

process book--final2.png
process book--final3.png
process book--final4.png
process book--final5.png
process book--final6.png
process book--final7.png
process book--final8.png
process book--final9.png
process book--final10.png
process book--final11.png
process book--final12.png
process book--final13.png
process book--final14.png
process book--final15.png
process book--final16.png
process book--final17.png
process book--final18.png
process book--final19.png
process book--final20.png
process book--final21.png
process book--final22.png
process book--final23.png
process book--final24.png
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