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Jewelry design


Chinese traditional culture

My Jewelry Design

I think jewelry is a representation of the mind of people who wear it. Also, it is a way to express designers thinking and interests. I have learned a lot about Chinese traditional culture, and I wished I could create the jewelry combined with the depth of culture.

About Chinese Ancient Astrology 

In 2014,I was interested in the Chinese traditional astrology ZIWEIDOUSHU. The ancient Chinese astronogers named the stars in Chinese name and attributed them into Wu Xing (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water). The significant stars in ZIWEIDOUSHU are from the Big Dipper of Ursa Major. I wished to combine ancient blessing of stars into my design to bring people love, peace, and protection.

Tan lang




The first star of the Big Dipper.

The star of art and charm.It represents skills,art works,learning. The ancient Chinese astrologers called that it was the star of weal and woe.

The jewelry can be spined, which represents the movements of planets.

Also, Chinese people think the rotation can bring them fortune and good luck.


Wu qu



The star of wealth.

It represents the Chinese God of Wealth. Also, it can bring people courage and leadership. It's the star of confidence, independence, ability.

About Buddhism

I am a Buddhist. As for me, Buddhism is a guiding and light of my life. Therefore, I want to design a jewelry to tell people the Buddha's teaching and wisdom.

The eye of wisdom


The seed word of consummation

The Buddha's teaching said, we should both learn how to be wisdom and accumulate fortune. This jewelry represents the situation of consummation

My Design Collections

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