Designed to help take care of single parents’ mental health


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Jun 2020

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Qi Fu | Bettie Zhang

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COVID - 19 Pandemic

In the United States, 23% of all children live with a single-parent household, whose normal support from schools and grandparents are not available during the pandemic. Many single parents were cracked under high mental pressure since they had to take all of the challenges on their shoulders disproportionately compared with two parents' households.

In our user research, single parents describe that the worst part during the lockdown is not feeling isolated or feeling guilty of not taking good care of their kids, it’s that they can’t have a small break that they can just spend with themselves. How might we help single parents take care of their mental wellbeing?


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An app that sends single parents self-care tips specifically designed for them every day to enjoy a small break in their lockdown lifetime.

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Target User Persona



Job Title: Unemployment

Age: 27
Gender: Female
Family Setting: Single mom with two kids

                              (1.5 and 3 years old)


Income: less than $35k/year
Education: High School
Location: Chicago

  • Having no income because she can’t leave her children at home alone.

  • Juggling in all the house chores and being overwhelmingly stressful.

  • Feeling inadequate as a single parent.

  • Needs to regain a sense of control in her life.

  • Needs to be mentally strong to lead her household to survive the pandemic.

  • Badly in need of some time alone.

User Journey

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• In our user research, single parents cracked under pressure are badly in need some time alone from the routine of 24/7

    parenting. Our solution provides cares by giving them a mental oasis to recharge, to embrace the positivity they need

    to keep their households going on.


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A corner/breakout room for single parents to have some time alone

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A caring package with things like coffee, candles

/ Envelops of game suggestions, etc.

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Online quick professional mental advisors for consulting.

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Cheer up from other single parents to get mental relief.

User Experience

Oasis will help you find small and easy way to get a relax moment

Open the envelope, get a daily tip to help users get a relax moment and refresh themselves.

Simplified Registration process

Just basic information input, Oasis will match users with daily tips to help them get a small break.

Every little step could make a big difference

Track your relax moments journey. Maybe just a simple moment like taking a deep breath could help you reach a peaceful mind.


Users could see that there are other single parents who are getting a release in the Oasis community. There are no additional words, just a simple “like” or “Reflection” could cheer up each other.

You are not alone

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Design System

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